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The RapidxTM platform technology developed by Medgene Labs is a comprehensive immunological program that reduces viral load and stops secondary infections. RapidxTM is based on the company’s extensive bacterial isolate and viral protein construct libraries and USDA-approved vaccine components.

RapidxTM Viral Program

RapidxTM Bacterial Program

InAcTTM Adjuvant


Rapidx Technology: Taking a New Approach

One of our greatest developments to date has taken years off the time it takes for conditional licensing on an animal vaccine. While this process traditionally takes up to five years, RapidxTM offers an innovative development platform that reduces that time to just twelve month.

This platform consists of:

  • 1. Disease Surveillance
    • This includes the collection of airborne pathogens within a 10 kilometer radius of an agricultural operation. The collection of live viruses alerts the operator to the presence of the virus and provides information for the purpose of product development. 
  • 2. In Vitro Screening
    • Vaccine efficacy screening is conducted in vitro, eliminating the need to infect animals with infectious agents and reducing the time, cost and use of animals in testing vaccinations.
  • 3. Rapid Vaccine Production
    • Protein-based vaccines versus virus-based vaccines are produced quickly and at a lower cost, allowing for a faster procurement of a conditional license under new USDA-CVB Technology Platform Guidelines.
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Faster, Cheaper, Better, Safer

The technology platform behind Rapidx allows Medgene Labs to produce animal vaccines in less time and at a lower cost. In addition, the protein-based vaccines allow for safer, faster vaccine products that don't provide the same rapid antigenic shift, antigenic drift, drug resistance and virulence found in live and killed vaccines.

Our Technology: Thinking Globally

With just a few short years under our belts, Medgene Labs has developed several important patented, patent-pending and proprietary systems and products related to animal vaccines. These include:

  • Exclusive, world-wide licensed vaccine technologies for Rift Valley Fever from the Department of Homeland Security's Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases.
  • A patent-pending in vitro vaccine screening system and subunit vaccine production system that leverage new USDA-CVB guidelines for licensing platform technologies, known as RapidxTM.
  • Patented airborne pathogen collection system and proprietary bioinformatics approaches for disease surveillance.
  • Exclusive, world-wide license for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus spike-proteins and monoclonal antibodies.
  • Exclusive, world-wide license for vaccine adjuvants and delivery systems including InActTM, NaturprozTM, NaturmiczTM, and others.

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